Learning About Products Made In Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

Learning About Products Made In Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

Four Metal Fabrication Jobs In High Demand In The Bakken

Ryan Baker

The Bakken Shale Formation is the site for the largest oil boom the United States has ever seen. The boom has caused a need for a variety of workers and laborers to become involved in the process of producing millions of barrels of oil. Jobs pertaining to metal fabrication are in especially high demand. Here are four of those types of job employers are looking for in the Bakken.

CNC Operators - A Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Operator is one who programs numerically-controlled machines to drill, cut and shape items that are used in a variety of industries, including industrial and manufacturing. They mainly work with metals and plastics and are responsible for making products with the use of drill presses, lathes and other machines. Nationwide, employment for CNC Operators working specifically with metals and plastics is expected to increase by 15% through the year 2022.

Machinists - These laborers differ from CNC operators. Besides having programming knowledge, they must also know how to set up the machine and be familiar with how the complicated machines work. As machines become more sophisticated and older machines are no longer used, their skill set must increase to keep up with the changes. Because there are less people being trained as machinists, job opportunities will increase throughout the country and in the Bakken.

Metal Fabricators - The role of a metal fabricator is to work from blueprints to put together parts made out of materials such as metal and plastic. They also assemble fully finished products. Much of their work has to do with creating and producing custom-made metal parts. The demand for metal fabricators will grow between 15 and 22% through the year 2022. Some examples of fabrications used on drilling rigs in the Bakken include:

  • Masts and substructures
  • Mud systems
  • Mud pumps
  • Engine generators

Welders - This type of job is similar to that of metal fabricators but instead of cutting, altering or shaping pieces, they fuse metal parts together with a welding machine. Many workers who have metal fabrication skills will often acquire welding skills. Of all the jobs in metal fabrication, welders who have skills in pipe welding are at the top of the list for job opportunities in the Bakken. Outside of the Bakken, the welding profession is only expected to grow by 6%, which is slower than average.

If you have experience in any one of these metal fabrication jobs, you will be able to land a job working in the Bakken oilfields.


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