Learning About Products Made In Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

Learning About Products Made In Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

Simple Mistakes To Avoid When Using Stainless Steel Screws In Your Building Projects

Ryan Baker

A few of the attributes that make stainless steel screws and fasteners a logical choice when you head to the hardware store during a DIY construction project is that they are resilient to moisture, easy to find, and fairly inexpensive. While stainless steel screws have all kinds of advantages for the average builder or construction enthusiast, many non-professionals who pick up stainless steel screws for a project really have little insight about how and why they should be used in the first place. Check out these common mistakes you should work to avoid when using stainless steel screws for your DIY building project. 

Mistake: Using stainless steel screws in exterior applications where no rainwater is present. 

Why? This may sound a little odd. However, stainless steel screws often have iron elements that can discolor when they come in contact with other environmental elements. For example, if you live near the ocean, the salt content of the atmosphere can settle on your stainless steel screws and cause the to discolor with age. As long as there is rainwater washing over the screws on a fairly consistent basis, these elements would not be allowed to settle on the screws and stick around long enough to cause any problems. 

Mistake: Selecting the wrong grade of stainless steel screws for your project. 

Why? If there is one thing you must know about stainless steel screws it is this: not all stainless steel is created equal. Stainless steel can be of many different grades, each grade has its own qualities to be conscious of when you are selecting these fasteners for building. For example, some stainless steel grades are not as resistant to corrosion as you would expect when it is exposed to high levels of moisture. Therefore, they should not be used in projects that will have the screws exposed to the elements. 

Mistake: Not using some form of lubrication on screws that will be used with metal. 

Why? Did you know that some stainless screw manufacturers actually recommend that you use lubrication when installing screws into metal materials? If you are like most individuals, this will be news to you. Without lubrication, stainless steel screws can get thread-locked into metal, which means the threads will be damaged when you try to take the screw out. To prevent this issue when installing screws into metal, it is best to give them a quick shot of spray lubrication. Contact the manufacturer, like AUSTIN  MAC INC, for more help.


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