Learning About Products Made In Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

Learning About Products Made In Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

Salvaged Brick

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Salvaged bricks are great for building and design projects. Still, some people are not aware of this popular material option. Here is a bit of information about salvaged brick to help you better understand this material.

What is salvaged brick?

Salvaged bricks are bricks that have been used in past construction and are being recycled fur future use. Much of this brick comes from demolition contractors who demolish a building but preserve and sell the bricks.

How are recycled bricks prepared for resale?

Bricks that have been salvaged are typically cleaned and stacked. The cleaning process helps remove mortar that may still be clinging to the brick material from its prior use. Stacking simply helps with the organization of the bricks. The brick stacks are usually placed on pallets and may be covered with plastic.

Are there different types of salvaged brick?

There are multiple types of recycled bricks. Three common types that are located in the United States are the standard brick, the Roman brick, and the Norman brick. The standard brick is not as long as its two counterparts but is slightly wider.

Can salvaged bricks be used to make brick tile?

Recycled bricks can be sliced to form brick tiles. These tiles are generally thinner than full-sized bricks because they need to adhere to floors or walls without greatly changing the depth of the substrate that they will cover. Brick tiles that will be used for paving are a bit thicker than standard brick tiles.

Why are salvaged bricks becoming popular nowadays?

There are several reasons why salvaged brick is becoming so popular. Here are a few of them:

  • Cost. Salvaged bricks may be priced lower than new brick products. Thus, for people who want a quality brick but do not want to pay full price, recycled bricks are great options.
  • Conservation. Salvaged bricks decrease your carbon footprint. Using recycled products can help make a building project more green.
  • Historical relevance. Some bricks are salvaged from historical buildings and can add a bit of history to a building project.
  • Beauty. Recycled brick material can be quite beautiful. As bricks age, the surface takes on unique tones that are difficult to duplicate. As a result, people who desire a unique space may prefer recycled bricks over newer ones.

To learn more about recycled bricks and other salvageable materials found in buildings, contact a demolition service like Alliance Demolition Services Inc.


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