Learning About Products Made In Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

Learning About Products Made In Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

5 Signs You Found The Right Crane Rental Company

Ryan Baker

Are you looking to rent a crane for an upcoming project? If so, there are many companies that offer crane rental. However, some are better than others. When shopping around, look for these five signs to let you know if you found the right company for your business.

They Offer Advice and Expertise

With so many types of cranes available for rental, you might have a hard time deciding which one is the best for your job. If you rarely require a crane for your business, it's likely you have no idea which crane you need for each specific task. A good crane rental company can do the thinking for you. With experience and expertise in the field of cranes and crane rental, they can offer suggestions. Simply describe the job, and they should be able to give advice. If they can't, it's time to look elsewhere, so you don't waste money on a crane you can't use.

They Provide a Crane Operator

If you don't already have a crane, you probably also don't have anyone who can operate it. While some smaller cranes may be simple to use by someone who isn't trained, it can be dangerous, especially for larger cranes, such as tower cranes. When shopping around for a crane rental company, make sure you ask if they have crane operators on hand who come with the crane to use it. Make sure you ask if there is an extra fee to hire a crane operator if it is included in the price. Either way, it's a good sign if they do provide operators.

They Help File Necessary Permits

If you need to erect a crane, you may need to get a permit from your city's Department of Buildings before you even start using it. You have the freedom to contact your city and find out what permits are required, and you have the freedom to submit the paperwork yourself, but you probably have enough on your plate already, so let the crane rental company do the paperwork for you. Many may offer to do this for free or for a small fee. If they don't file the permits for you, at the very least, find out if they know what permits are required. If they don't know, they may not be as experienced as they should be to earn your business.

They Have Fair Policies

One of the biggest factors you need to determine quickly is what is included in the price. Particularly, do they have fair policies that don't force you to pay extra fees for everything. For example, a company may advertise that they provide delivery, set up and removal of the cranes. However, upon closer inspection, that may only be during business hours. If you need the crane removed on a weekend, and they don't provide this service for free, is there a fee, or will you have to pay for an extra rental day?

They Provide Honest Customer Reviews

Of course, every business wants to put their best foot forward, so they tend to promote the customer reviews that are positive. However, negative reviews can be just as useful in choosing a vendor. Any crane rental company will likely have positive endorsements on their website, in their office and even on their social media sites, but it is important they allow you to access every review, not just the good ones. This may be as simple as directing you to an online review site.

If you need to rent a crane for an upcoming project, make sure you do your homework, so you get the best service and equipment for your money. If you would like more information regarding cranes or crane rental, contact a vendor, such as American Equipment Inc, in your area today. 


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