Learning About Products Made In Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

Learning About Products Made In Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

Outstanding Benefits Of Custom Molded Rubber Parts And Products

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Many applications today rely on rubber to function optimally. Look around, and you will likely see rubber in items like car tires, pipe seals, shoes, bathtub plugs, and hot water bottles. If your company depends on rubber, you will be glad to know it's possible to use custom rubber molding to make products and parts that facilitate better performance.

What Are Custom Molded Rubber Products

Custom rubber molding offers you the opportunity to get products and parts that fit your preferences and the needs of the applications in your industry. That means you pick the shape, materials, color, and other specifications for your rubber products. Plus, some manufacturers can custom engrave your rubber products. Some of the most common molded rubber products used in various industries include molded seals, manifold grommets, anti-vibration grommets, rubber plugs, bumpers, and rubber caps.

Why Should You Use Custom Rubber Molding?

Custom molded rubber products come with numerous benefits, including:

1. Improved performance

One of the problems that can impede operations in your industry is using rubber components that don't fit where they are supposed to. For instance, leaking is likely to occur if you use the wrong-sized rubber gasket in plumbing and piping. To prevent that, you need components that fit on products and equipment. And the only solution guaranteed to work when it comes to making fitting parts is custom rubber molding.

2. Durability

Some business owners tend to question the durability of rubber products. But, with suitable materials, rubber parts tend to last longer. Note that there are several different types of rubber, including natural rubber, Nitrile, Isoprene, and Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM). Moreover, different products require different types of rubber. For example, natural rubber is ideal for car tires, while EPDM works better on door and window seals. With custom rubber molding, you choose the type of rubber that will last longer in a particular application.

3. Flexibility

You can use custom rubber molding to make nearly any type of rubber product. Some of these products include caps and plugs used in the aerospace industry and medical devices like surgical handles and sterilization tray mats. Since there are different additives, materials, and colors involved, it's possible to get products and parts that perfectly fit the requirements in your specific industry. Moreover, you can use a custom mold to produce numerous variations of one rubber product or part.

4. Increased strength

Industries require robust rubber equipment and products for their daily activities. And, since rubber materials get preheated before injection into mold cavities, they become stronger when they cool down. Products made from these strong materials can withstand extreme stress and harsh elements without deteriorating quickly.


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