Learning About Products Made In Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

Learning About Products Made In Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

4 Features To Look For In The Best Metal Stamping Manufacturer

Ryan Baker

When you need metal converted into specific shapes for your own industrial purposes, working with a metal stamping manufacturer is ideal. Because the equipment used for metal stamping or deep-draw metal stamping can be a costly investment, it is often more economical to outsource this task to a third party. While there are several companies that offer metal stamping services for other business clients, not every manufacturer offers the same levels of service. Take a look at a few features to look for in a metal stamping manufacturer to make sure you get the best. 

Does the metal stamping manufacturer provide up-front quotes?

Obtaining an up-font quote allows you to check pricing between different metal stamping manufacturers to determine which offers the best value for the money. Due to variances in the types of equipment used, the size of the operation, and even the distance you are from the manufacturer, you may see considerable cost differences. Further, some manufacturers have better access to raw material suppliers or buy bulk quantities of raw materials that affect the price. 

Will the manufacturer help you with the design process?

Computer-aided design processes can be incredibly helpful when you are having custom parts stamped. However, not every business owner has their own computer-aided design software or even the experience to use the software to draft digital designs of the parts they need. Some of the best metal stamping manufacturers help clients from the beginning with drafting digital designs and even mockups for approval before setting forth with the stamping process. 

Does the manufacturer offer case studies from prior customers?

Case studies from prior customers will give you a glimpse at what kind of work the manufacturer has done in the past. However, these prior-service overviews can also give you a look at the different types of additional services the manufacturer can offer and even what types of materials they are skilled at using. 

Does the manufacturer offer post-processing service add-ons?

Once the parts are stamped, you may need additional levels of service to get them fully prepared for your applications. For example, some applications call for an anodizing process or a certain coating to be applied to the parts after they have been stamped. If you need something in addition to stamping, check to see if the metal stamping manufacturer offers what you need. This can take an extra step out of your own industrial processes. 


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